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Gatordrain & Plumbing is the premier sewer and drain cleaning and plumbing repair company, serving serving Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Our friendly, experienced professionals strive every day to be the best in the business by not only performing your repair in the highest quality possible but also leaving your house or business cleaner than when we arrived. Gatordrain’s technicians will arrive at your door in marked trucks and in company uniforms for your protection and peace of mind. As a fully licensed and insured company, you can rest easy knowing our technicians are licensed to handle your issue, and will never cut corners or do a half way job when it comes to your home or office. As an insured company, we take out any risk of having us come on your property and do work, something that can’t be said for “independent” contractors without any certification or insurance.

There is never any risk when talking to us about how we can help you. We come on-site, evaluate the situation and provide you with a no risk, upfront price before performing any work. We offer a 10% discount to Seniors, Veterans and UF employees.

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FAQ – Let Us Help!

Is your garbage disposal making strange noises and failing to work as it usually goes?

Proper garbage disposal usage and care is essential for its proper operation. Scrape larger food waste into the trash before rinsing plates in the sink. Do not put large amounts rice, pasta, or stringy vegetables like celery in the disposal. Run cold water while using the disposal during and for at least one minute after inserting the food waste. Do not put bones or other hard objects in the disposal. Once a month put several ice cubes in the disposal to clean the interior. You can grind a lemon wedge to eliminate odors. Most importantly use the disposal!! Turn it on and let it run. The worst thing for a disposal is not to be turned on. Gatordrain can repair or replace your disposal if it is leaking, jammed, or not operating properly.

Can a leaky water heater be repaired?

Once a water heater tank leaks it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. If the parts attached to the water heater leak, this can often be repaired. However, there are occasions that make the tank look like it is leaking when in fact it is not. The experienced plumbers at Gatordrain & Plumbing can inspect your leak and determine if it can be repaired. Most companies don’t bother and just want to replace the tank.

Can I do a water heater installation myself?

There are many potential dangers to improper water heater installation not to mention poor performance and higher energy costs. We have expertise on gas and electric for both tank and tankless water heaters. Our goal is to first repair your water heater. If it can’t be repaired we will install your new water heater in a seamless, efficient fashion. We offer great pricing, a wide range of models/options and flexible appointments.

What are your rates?

We charge by the job, not by the hour. You don’t order your food at a restaurant without knowing the price first, so why would you allow someone to do much more substantial work in your home without knowing the price? At Gatordrain & Plumbing we thoroughly evaluate your problem and give you a set price prior to performing the work. That price will not change unless the scope of work changes, no matter how long the job takes. Even if the job takes longer than expected or we have to go to the supply house for parts, your cost is the same. The cost of a steak shouldn’t depend on how long it takes the chef to cook it and neither should your plumbing repairs. We offer a 10% discount to Seniors, Veterans and UF employees.

Can roots be cleaned from my sewer line or do I have to dig up my whole sewer line?

Have you been told you have a “root joint” in your sewer and the only thing that can be done is to dig up the sewer and replace it? While it is sometimes the case that a spot might need to be excavated and repaired due to a broken pipe, roots alone do not mean this is necessary. Roots can be cleaned out of most sewer lines very effectively. In fact, so effectively that in most instances we will guarantee they will not grow back causing a clog for at least 6 months. That is expertise that you can rely on and spare your yard from excavation!

Can I replace my toilet myself?

Many do-it-yourselfer homeowners think installing a new toilet themselves is easy and a way to save money. However, improper installation of a toilet can mean thousands of dollars in repairs from water damage (gross!). The toilet must be level, the wax ring properly set and the toilet must be properly secured. Hiring a licensed plumber is best when replacing a toilet. Call Gatordrain and Plumbing for you toilet repairs and replacements!

My faucet is leaking. Can it be repaired?

Most people will at some point experience a broken or leaking faucet from bathrooms to kitchens to outside hose bibs. Most faucets can be repaired so you can be back in working order quickly. We carry on our trucks the most common brands of faucet repair kits so you can be back up and running quickly.  However, if you decide to update your faucets, we can install your new faucet correctly and efficiently.  Updating faucets is a great way to update your home and increase its market value.

What are some things I can do to prevent plumbing disasters?

It is wise to exercise (close and open) all the valves in your house, including the shut off for your water heater (located above and right of most standard tanks) and the stops for all faucets and toilets. Stops are located below the faucet in the vanity or kitchen cabinet. If you have a main shut off outside your house it should be included as well. Exercising these valves at least quarterly can keep them from becoming seized in place and unworkable in the case of an emergency leak which could lead to extensive property damage rather quickly. If they do not close all the way the valve should be replaced before it becomes an emergency. A little bit of proactive effort can save you many fold in the long run.

Remember as we move to colder temperatures to disconnect any hoses from outside hose bibs. Water in the hose can freeze and freeze the hose bib and pipes. Frozen pipes will burst creating a big mess!

Why do I need a plumber when I can do it myself?

Remember, when you attempt to tackle plumbing problems on your own, you run the risk of personal injury and making matters worse, and much more expensive. Don’t compromise your plumbing infrastructure when Gatordrain & Plumbing is on hand. Whether your plumbing repair issue is an emergency or simply a nuisance, we’ll respond quickly, and we’ll always do our best to offer cost-effective solutions.  If you’re looking for affordable plumbing repair services that don’t skimp on quality, Gatordrain & Plumbing is the place to turn.  We are fully licensed with more than 25 years of experience.   

10% discount to any UF Faculty and staff

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