Any plumber can find the symptoms of your plumbing or drain problem and put a bandaid on it, but our mission at Gatordrain & Plumbing is to find the root cause of the issue and solve the entire problem. Dripping faucets to clogged sewer drains, we try to find what caused the actual problem. What if you are inadvertently and unknowingly causing your own problem? Wouldn’t you want to know so you can avoid costly repairs in the future? Of course you would and that’s why it is so important to us to find the solution.


Gatordrain & Plumbing is locally owned and operated and takes pride in being part of the Alachua County community. We live here. Our children go to school and play sports here. We support local businesses here. You will see us at the local grocery mart or at the ball field. This is a small community and we want each and every customer to remember us and how well we treated them, so we can hold our heads high and say hello to you when we see you around town.

Professional Services

Gatordrain and Plumbing is dedicated to providing clean and courteous service.  Our highly trained and polite technicians are always concerned with your needs and solving your issues the first time.  Plumbing issues can be stressful!  You can be rest assured that our services comply with all codes, licenses, and laws. 

No Risk Upfront Honest Pricing

We charge by the job, not by the hour. You don’t order your food at a restaurant without knowing the price first, so why would you allow someone to do much more substantial work in your home without knowing the price? At Gatordrain & Plumbing we thoroughly evaluate your problem and give you a set price prior to performing the work. That price will not change unless the scope of work changes, no matter how long the job takes. Even if the job takes longer than expected or we have to go to the supply house for parts, your cost is the same. The cost of a steak shouldn’t depend on how long it takes the chef to cook it and neither should your plumbing repairs. We guarantee our material, products, and labor with the longest warranties available. 

Fully Insured

Beware of hiring a company that may be cheaper but do not have required state licenses, don’t obtain required permits, or do not have adequate insurance.  Gatordrain and Plumbing is a fully licensed company with 25 years of experience.  We pull all required municipal permits – did you know the sale of your home could fall through if the inspection finds unpermitted work?  Gatordrain and Plumbing is fully insured for Workman’s Compensation and for Liability Insurance. 

Turn Around Time

Gatordrain and Plumbing can typically come out and complete your plumbing repair the same day!  For larger projects, such as a re-pipe, we strive to complete each project efficiently yet with the highest quality work.  We work with your schedule to make the whole process as painless as possible. 

We offer a wide range of plumbing services for both interior and exterior plumbing systems. You can rely on us to:

  • Fix drips and leaks
  • Repair or replace water heaters
  • Repair or replace garbage disposals
  • Repair drain and water lines
  • Clean and unclog interior drains
  • Clean and unclog sewer lines
  • Repair sewers and underground piping
  • Video inspect and locate drain pipes

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